Premier Venice

Premier’s Venice, Louisiana facility offers convenient access to the Gulf of Mexico, as well as truck access. The yard is an ideal staging area for oil spill mitigation and offers accommodation, office and meeting facilities to meet client requirements.

The 14-acre Venice yard has 800 feet of steel bulkhead and an 18-foot water depth, and is equipped for fabrication, painting, blasting and heavy lifts.


• Project Management
• Fabrication and Repair
• Dockside Services
• Loading
• Offloading
• Materials Staging & Storage
• Drilling Rig Conversions
• Production Facilities Upgrade
• Onshore & Offshore Construction
and Maintenance Crews
• Compressor Installation
• Shallow Water Pipeline Installations
• Sandblasting & Painting

Facility Specifications:

• 20-Acre Area
• 800-Linear-Foot Bulkhead
• 18-Foot Water Depth
• 150-Ton Crane Capacity
• 10,000-Square-Foot Covered Shop Area
• Barge Capacity at Dock: 100’ x 300’
• 120’ x 120’ Sandblast/Painting Area
• Load Out Method
- Yard Crane to 80 Tons
- Contract Derrick Barge to 700 Tons

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